10 Misconceptions That You Must Beware Of About Cold And Flu!

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Have you ever thought that your a sore throat and nasal congestion is because of cold or flu? What’s the difference between the two?

When you have a cough or a headache or cold, you might assume that it will go away after a few days. But sometimes it’s the flu. Even the medicines are said to common for both cold and flu, but actually, they are entirely different medicines for both.

Flu or Cold: What’s the Difference?

The common cold is caused by many viruses those are coronaviruses, rhinoviruses, enteroviruses and there are many more. The flu, on the other hand, is caused by influenza viruses. All of these are respiratory viruses. They invade the body and causes similar symptoms as those of cold. When a virus attacks your body, the chances are that you might get affected by the same symptom.

This is because your body is fighting with these viruses enormously. And this leads to catching the same symptom every time. If the cold is really bad and you get aches and pain in your muscles and body, then you need to understand that this is not general cold and are the symptoms of flu.

This happens because your body is spending resources to fight with those viral infections which are present in your body. The more your body will fight these viral infections, the more aches and pain you will suffer from.

Normally, flu is worse than cold. The fever, the body aches, and level of exhaustion and infection are higher than that in the cold. Normally, people take those medicines only which are meant for common cold. This happens because it is very difficult to make out any difference between the two, only if you notice it minutely.

People normally take vitamins and iron supplements along with medications to get rid of common cold and flu. But zinc is as important to take if you’re suffering from flu.

Common Misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions about the flu and common cold viruses. People are not aware whether it is flu or cold. Here are some of the most popular myths that are associated with flu and cold viruses.

1. You can catch the flu from the vaccine

Vaccines are made from an inactivated virus that can happen to catch the infection. So if you happen to catch the flu surely after receiving the vaccination, then it is meant it is going to get sick. The vaccine takes two weeks to kick in deeply into your body before your body prepares to fight against the viruses.

Usually, the vaccine aid is blamed for high temperature which happens immediately after taking it. But the fact is that only vaccination can keep you safe from all the flu viruses in the air.

2. Healthy people do not need the vaccine

This is a myth. Normally, it is said that if a person is healthy and their CBC are accurate as per the tests reports, they will never fall sick; however, this is the greatest myth. The only benefit that healthy people have is that they have a proper immune system.

Rest they can to catch flu or cold if proper vaccination is not given to them. People with weak immune system happen to catch common cold flu easily.

3. Getting only the vaccination done can save you all the times from getting infected

This is again another myth. It is not so. It does not happen that once you get vaccinated with the flu vaccination, you will never catch flu viruses from entering your body. You may get infected if you’re sitting close to the person who’s already suffering from flu or cold.

It is also important that even after you are done with the vaccination, you should avoid direct contact with the person who’s affected with the flu virus.

4. Flu is just a bad cold

Lots of people think common cold and flu to be the same; however, this is the greatest myth. Though it is very difficult to differentiate between the two, both are caused by different viruses. Some of the symptoms do look similar but flu tends to be much more severe.

5. You can’t spread cold if you are feeling well

Many of us feel quite well for the next two to three days even after getting infected. We might have a slight cold which we can often get mistaken by. And after a couple of days of feeling well, we will fall sick.

6. If you get cold/flu once, you won’t get it back again the very year

This is one of the biggest myths that we often have heard from our elders. In a year, there might be more than one type of influenza viruses that may get infected in your body by anything you might not even come to know. Because each flu season is different, so does the vaccination differs annually.

7. You should skip the flu/cold shot if you’re pregnant

Pregnant females are more vulnerable to catching cold/flu. They are at an increased risk of getting infected with any virus and even sometimes complications due to severe fever and cold. Thus it is very important to get a pregnant lady vaccinated with all the vaccinations. This vaccination also helps the offspring in the womb to fight against congenital illness.

8. Influenza viruses remain on the surface only for a couple of hours

This is a total myth. Influenza viruses remain on door knobs or any surface for up to 24 to 40 hours. So you have all the chances of getting infected any point of time. Hence, it is advisable that you should always wash your hands before eating anything.

9. The vaccinations are only 60% to 70% effective

If your immune system goes stronger, the chance of vaccinations being affected is almost 90%. But sometimes it happens is that the vaccination itself is not that much effective. A research tells that in 2007, flu vaccinations all over were only 40 to 50% effective because there was a drift in the vaccination formed that very year.

10. Stress increases the chances of catching cold and flu

This has yet not been totally proved. But still we can consider this to be a myth. What we know and what we say is that people who are mentally distressed and stressed out get headaches quite often for a prolonged period of time. But this does not mean that you can catch cold or flu because of that.

Here were all the discussions which tell us that which theory is true and which is a myth. All you need to do is to protect yourself from getting infected with cold/flu viruses time and again. There are several medications available in the market and so many home remedies that can save you from getting ill.